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Building partnerships to ensure long term success
You will be joining a national chain of pharmacies that has partnerships all across the industry to provide leverage you never knew was available.
Our network of industry partnerships includes more than 1,100 pharmacies across the United States with operations in Retail, Long Term Care and Specialty pharmacy representing more than $4.5 Billion in annual sales. You will be able to take advantage of our size, scale and leverage to lower your costs of doing business in every corner of the pharmacy.
You will be partnering with a reputable chain of pharmacies that is in the same day to day business as you, whether its retail, closed door or specialty pharmacy, we are all working together toward a common goal.
Affiliated Pharmacies fall under the Thrifty White corporate umbrella and are provided the same guidance and industry direction as the Thrifty White Pharmacy corporate stores. Affiliates have access to the same technology, software and strategic partners to drive patient healthy outcomes, along with the opportunity to participate in all Thrifty White corporate driven contracts, programs and services.
Thrifty White is consistently recognized as one of the most innovative pharmacy chains in the country. You will have access to comprehensive workflow solutions, pharmacy programs and services, along with support that is unparalleled in the industry today.
Setting the bar with star ratings, 60K+ patients enrolled in MedSync, a rapidly growing Long Term Care division and a Healthy Outcomes store model built with the patient in mind, you will be partnering with one of the most forward thinking pharmacy organizations in the country.
Thrifty White Pharmacy has developed a Specialty Pharmacy Solution specifically for Affiliated Pharmacy Partners to grow into this space.
Due to the high cost, side effects, and complex requirements of these medications, payors and manufacturers have put many restrictions in place to limit access. Our Specialty Pharmacy program partners in key areas, ensuring you are able to meet these requirements, drive clinical outcomes, and grow your sales in this important market. We offer all of the support you'll need to grow your specialty pharmacy business including Prior Authorization Resolution, Benefits investigations, Appeals Management and Marketing Support.
  • Generic Warehouse Feature:
    You will gain access to purchase from our proprietary generic warehouse where we source 70% of the generics we dispense direct from more than 65 generic drug manufacturers, all at NET PRICING. Contracts are negotiated on behalf of 1,100+ pharmacies across the country, representing $1 Billion in annual generic purchases, so you know you'll be receiving best in industry pricing.
  • Making Your Life Easier:
    Thrifty White is focused on keeping our contracts with vendor partners and suppliers current with market trends, pricing, and program availability so you don't have to! We have a dedicated team in our corporate office that manages these agreements on a daily basis so you know that the programs you are participating in are made available to you at best in industry pricing. Let us do the leg work so you can focus on running your successful pharmacy business.
  • Star Rating Reviews:
    As an industry leader in maintaining the highest level of Star Ratings, Thrifty White and its experienced Operations Team will help you review the data that is available to you, point out opportunities to improve and provide professional guidance on how to achieve and maintain the highest level of star ratings.
  • Remain 100% Independent:
    The Thrifty White Affiliated Pharmacy program was built with the Independent Pharmacy Owner in mind. We simply provide the tools and resources necessary to operating a successful retail or long term care pharmacy, without ever mandating any of our programs or services allowing you to remain 100% independent while enjoying the leverage that a nation chain has to offer.
  • Process to Evaluate:
    We understand that a new partnership needs to make sense on a number of different levels, which is why we have a comprehensive approach to help you evaluate our program. We'll conduct a full financial analysis to help you understand the potential savings, and review all programs and services that fit your business providing you with all of the information you'll need to make an informed business decision.
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  • "The difference is easy to see, there has been a noticeable improvement to my bottom line since joining Thrifty White's Affiliated Pharmacy" Bob, Iowa
  • "Choosing to operate my pharmacy as a Thrifty White has given me the opportunity to take advantage of the brand recognition that comes along with using their name, take part in major ad and marketing media, and more importantly leverage national chain contracts for both goods and services. Flat out makes running my business easier and more profitable" Bruce, Wisconsin
  • "I got tired of all of the smoke and mirrors. Thrifty White's program gives me the peace of mind knowing that I am purchasing my pharmaceuticals at chain pricing, without the hassles of generic compliance and rebates." Gene, Kansas
  • "The Thrifty White Affiliated Pharmacy program has solutions for virtually every department of my independently owned pharmacy, and with no mandated programs or fees. I select the programs that make sense for my business, knowing that I have the support of Thrifty White's corporate office." Guy, Minnesota
  • "It makes sense to partner with a nationally recognized retail pharmacy chain like Thrifty White. I am more comfortable knowing I have the support of a large successful organization that is in the same day to day business." Larry, North Dakota
  • "The Thrifty White Affiliated Pharmacy program has not only saved me a significant amount of money on goods and services, it has provided a level of operational support that could only come by partnering with a successful retail pharmacy chain like Thrifty White." John, Minnesota
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