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Medication Management Systems
There is a difference between packaging
and a medication management system.

Organized, Accurate and Efficient.
Color-coding indicates the time of administration and the top of each card is labeled with the resident name and medication to make the medication easy to find. Day-of-week labeling for each dose gives complete accountability. The 14-day exchange eliminates the need to re-order most medication without the hassle of an every-week exchange.

We have taken the advantages of several systems and rolled them all in to one easy-to-use system.

Punch Cards
Simple, but organized for safety and efficiency.
A standard in the industry for many years, Thrifty White makes the traditional punch card even more user-friendly..

Color coding helps organize the system and make the right medication easy to find. Cycle filling eliminates the need to re-order most scheduled medications. Cards are tamper-evident. You can easily determine whether a medication has been administered, or has been tampered with.

Ensures 100% accuracy for every pouch.
Provides variable and shorter cycles - 2-2-3 day, 3-4 day, 7 day, 14 day, 30 day, etc.

Our versatile HealthyPackRX pouch system contributes to patient safety by reducing medication errors. Provides easy-to-read labels that keep all prescription information with the package.

Our easy pull-and-tear pouch reduces med pass time. Reduces nurse's risk of dispensing the wrong medication.

Preparing Medications Made Easy
  • 100% disposable package-eliminates cross-contamination.
  • No time wasted cleaning cassettes or cards.
  • No plastic cards of which to dispose.
  • Packages are easy to store.
  • Unit-dose or Multi-dose.
  • Fits many existing carts and cabinet configurations.