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Save time by filling out and printing your Vaccine Administration Record (VAR) ahead of time!

Vaccine Admin Record
Automated Voice Response
All stores have a 24 hour automated voice response phone system. Customers can call in refills from their prescription label 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have it ready to be picked up, mailed out or delivered.

Save Time!

Whenever possible, please phone in your refill in advance; your pharmacist will have your order ready for you at the time specified by the Thrifty White Automated Prescription Line.

It's Easy to Use!

Stop by the Thrifty White's Pharmacy for more information.

for the Thrifty White Automated Prescription Line.
  1. Have your prescription container(s) ready.
  2. Dial your local Thrifty White Pharmacy telephone number
  3. Using the buttons on your phone, select one of the following:
    • Press 3 to Refill a Prescription
    • Press 5 to transfer to another department in the store
    • Remain on the line if you would like to transfer to the pharmacy
  4. Press 1 to Refill a Prescription
  1. You will be asked to enter the following information using the buttons on your phone
    • The telephone number where you can be reached in case we have a question about your prescription refill request.
    • Your 6 or 7-digit prescription number, which is located on the upper left hand corner of your prescription label.
  2. After you are finished you may
    • Press 1 to Refill Additional Prescriptions
    • Press 3 to specify when you want to pick up your prescription
  3. To specify when you would like to pick up your prescription, enter the time using 4 digits for hour and minute.

    (For example: to enter 1:30PM, you would enter 0130.)