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Thrifty White Specialty Pharmacy & PreferredOne

Thrifty White Specialty Pharmacy would like to welcome PreferredOne Members

At Thrifty White, we're focused on the patient and delivering better outcomes. Our comprehensive approach to specialty pharmacy provides patient-centric care through a combination of in-store and centralized support.

By offering the best of specialty pharmacy combined with a local, trusted pharmacist, we're able to get patients started on therapy quickly and ensure they receive the best outcomes, while lowering their overall cost of care.

Getting Started Is Simple

  • If you're currently taking a specialty medication, and not already receiving from Fairview or Thrifty White, call our specialty care team at 1-855-611-3399 or talk to your local Thrifty White Pharmacist about transferring your medication to us.
  • If you are starting a new medication, ask your doctor to send it to Thrifty White.
    • Call: 1-855-611-3399
    • Fax: 1-855-423-8300
    • ePrescribe: Thrifty White Pharmacy 061
    • Utilize our customized Referral Forms available for each disease state
  • Contact Us with any other questions

Thrifty White is your LOCAL Specialty Pharmacy

Find a Thrifty White Pharmacy near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thrifty White Specialty Pharmacy?

Thrifty White Specialty Pharmacy is an extension of your local Thrifty White Pharmacy and provides additional services for patients receiving specialty medications. Some of the services included are insurance/benefits assistance, prior authorization processing, resources for financial assistance, and refill reminders.

What are Specialty Medications?

Specialty medications are prescribed to treat chronic, complex and rare conditions. They're typically higher in cost, have special storage or handling requirements (e.g. refrigeration), can be oral, injectable or infused, and have programs to help patients receive the most from their medication.

How can Thrifty White Specialty Pharmacy help me manage my condition?

Our pharmacists work closely with patients to help them better understand their condition, manage medications, and address side effects. Just stop in and talk to your local Pharmacist or call our Specialty team at 1-855-611-3399.

How often will the pharmacy call me?

Our specialty pharmacy care coordinators monitor your progress and will call you 7 days before your prescription refill is due to discuss side effects, review missed doses, and schedule your next pickup or delivery.

My medication is currently delivered by mail. Can I get it from my local Thrifty White Pharmacy?

YES! We offer flexible delivery and pickup solutions. Just let your specialty care coordinator know you'd like to pick up at your local Thrifty White Pharmacy.

Contact a Thrifty White Specialty Care Partner today!